After 24 attempts and 22 rejections, this woman finally got her dream job of becoming a flight attendant


The job of an air steward or stewardess is one of the most popular and sought after occupations there are. Many people regard it as their dream job because they believe it is glamorous and you get to see the world while getting paid.

However, it is not all glitz and glamour as they need to be physically and mentally fit. The job requires them to work for extremely long hours in cramped spaces. They also need to be friendly extroverts because they need to interact with people from all across the globe.

Flight attendants need to be physically and mentally fit to overcome the challenges when conducting tasks required of the job

Though many are aware of the challenges and hardships, job seekers would still want to work as flight attendants and this includes Mary Clare Inonog. She had always dreamed of becoming an air stewardess because she didn’t want to miss the chance to travel while she was still able. Mary immediately applied for the position right after her graduation.

Mary Clare Inonog had always dreamed of becoming a flight attendant

Mary’s career as a flight attendant did not took off easily. She failed her first interview but vowed to try again. She picked herself up and tried again but to no avail as she also failed her second and third interviews. She did not see those interviews as failures but took them as learning curves and she promised herself that she would work hard for her dream job.

She did not let her initial failures dissuade her  

Mary made some drastic changes including bringing down her weight. She did this because her applications were rejected due to her weight which exceeded the guidelines. In addition to that, Mary also worked on her communication and interpersonal skills. Despite these various efforts, she still failed to be accepted by any airline.

She wrote about her experience saying, “After all the failures, the stressful interviews, the negative things people said, the trials and the challenges, I finally made it! Finally, I got accepted”

She continued, “After 24 attempts, 22 rejections, twice at airline 1, eight times at airline 2, three times at airline 3, six times at airline 4, once at airline 5, and four times at Qatar Airways, it made me realize that God really made things so hard for me because He wanted me to improve my skills, my personality, my weight, to prove myself to the people around me, and to learn in LIFE as well.”

Finally after 24 attempts and 22 rejections, Mary is now officially a proud stewardess working for Qatar Airline’s 

Mary said: “Sometimes, failure can be your partner but for as long as you do not give up, it will break up with you and you will meet success. Don’t ever be afraid to fail, because it is always a part of the process of success. God will always guide you in every way. For my experience, I realized that God has a deep reason why I failed a lot of times before I landed my dream job as a flight attendant. He has prepared me for the Best Airline in the World!”

“It is true that someday, everything will fall into place. Don’t ever rush, when the time is right, it’ll happen. Just be super patient, always have faith and believe in yourself,” said Mary.

Let’s hope that she will continue to succeed in her job. Share this article to inspire others to never give up on their dreams.


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