Mom tried everything to cure her baby daughter’s severe eczema until she stumbled upon this amazing USD 6 product


At first, little Kelisha began suffering from eczema on her elbows and legs when she was just three months old. Since then, her eczema became worse as eczema spread to her face and neck. 

Joanne Nevin, 28, had tried everything to get rid of Kelisha’s itchy skin condition but nothing seemed to work. Kelisha’s condition gradually worsened and the little baby was always found scratching her itchy and red cheeks.

“It was just a big scab. She was always scratching and uncomfortable,” Joanne said

Her skin condition got so bad that it “looked like she’d had boiling water poured over her” and attracted cruel comments from strangers

“I was in a lift one day and someone asked me what the mark was on my baby’s face. I couldn’t believe it.”

“That is the only time someone has commented, but a lot of people would look at her funny. I felt like they were judging me.”

All the visits to the paediatrician and skin specialist were a waste as the doctors only provided her with steroid cream which only gave a temporary relief from eczema. “By the time Kelisha was six months old she had been in and out of the doctors and appointments with a paediatrician,” Joanne added

“She was given prescription steroids and emollients, they all worked temporarily but after a couple of weeks, the symptoms would come back.”

Desperate to relieve her baby from the unbearable pain, Joanne searched for various products online. That was when she discovered Child’s Farm baby moisturiser last June and decided to buy it after reading about the product online

The moisturiser only cost her £4.50 (USD 6.34). She also used the brand’s baby bubble bath. Surprisingly, Kelisha’s eczema started to clear up in just four weeks!

Dr Jennifer Crawley, Child Farm’s dermatologist, said: “Eczema can be an incredibly upsetting condition for parents and children. “It’s a condition that comes and goes, with good days and bad days, making it all the more frustrating, particularly in little ones.

“With conditions like eczema, regularly moisturizing is crucial.

Child’s Farm baby moisturiser is made of 98 per cent naturally derived ingredients and has no artificial colours as well as free from parabens, according to the brand.

It has shea and cocoa butters, sunflower seed oil which has the properties of moisturising vitamin E and rosemary leaf extract which has anti-flammatory properties to help heal irritated skin.

Now, Kelisha is a happy and adorable baby with a healthy skin. “She was more settled and happy because she wasn’t as itchy and agitated. She had always been a happy, smiley baby, even when her skin was bad, but once we started using the products she was smiling all the time

“When her skin was bad I could only dress her in baby grows, everything else was uncomfortable, so it was such a brilliant feeling just being able to dress her in normal clothes.”

“I am just over the moon to have such a happy baby back again,” said Joanne.

Who knows that a product as cheap as USD 6 could bring a miracle cure to eczema!


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