Japanese artist creates hyper-realistic 3D cat portraits using just felted wool and they look stunning


A talented artist from Japan who is known as Wakuneco takes something that is ordinary and turns it into an amazing hyper-realistic portrait.

And it is not just any portraits, it is a three-dimensional hyper-realistic cat portrait!

Using just felted wool, this creative artist can create hyper-realistic cat portraits based on real cats as her inspirations

The artist uses needle felting technique to create the stunning portraits

It usually takes her around a month to complete one portrait as the process is really intricate

However, the end result is surely worth the efforts and the long wait!

Just look at how realistic this portrait is!

According to her, she started using needle felt technique back in 2015

However, her portraits look like she has been doing this art throughout her life

Watch how this amazing artist creates her unique cat portraits in this video here

Credit: Instagram/@wakuneco | BoredPanda | You’re Gorgeous Facebook



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