Prepare for the waterworks as dad Kenny Thomas dances for his one-year-old son battling cancer in children’s hospital


A parent’s love knows no boundaries! Kenny, the founder and creative director of a New Jersey’s dance studio celebrated his brave son, Kristian’s recovery after his initial round of chemotherapy.

Kristen is born with Down Syndrome and his blood disorder has caused a low platelet count in his body. Then, the Thomas family’s faith was tested again when they found out their youngest son was diagnosed with leukemia.

Kristian has just spent 32 days in the hospital for chemo and his father couldn’t be happier when his special son is cleared to go home thus immediately bust into moves in celebration!

In the clip, Kenny Thomas, a 34 year-old dancer is impressing his son by dancing to Ciara’s newly released song called ‘Level-Up’. Kristian fixates on his father from the hospital bed

From time to time, the brave baby claps and grins widely at the cool moves and never leaves his eyes off his father!

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The heart-warming video has gained more than 3 million vies worldwide and it caught Ciara’s attention. Later, she visited them at the hospital!

Due to the massive support and love from everyone, Kenny and Kristian were awarded with $10,000 donation from Dancers Against Cancer to further assist their battle against leukemia!

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From what was a short, sweet and unplanned video has melted hearts everywhere as we can see the strong love between the father and son.

Their relationship becomes an inspiration for everyone! The cool dad certainly deserves all the good attention with his epic moves:

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