Hilarious moment helpful golden retriever steps in to stop his cat friend from getting into a fight before it even starts


We all have that one good friend who is always there to stop us from making bad decisions and apparently, it also happens in the animal kingdom!

In a video that has recently gone viral, a golden retriever can be seen playing a peacemaker as it quickly steps in to stop one cat from involving in a catfight on the street.

In the video, the cat which can be seen wearing a cat harness with its leash loose slowly walks over to another cat on the other side of the street

It seems that there is an unfinished business between the two felines as the cat approaches its opponent in the most provocative manner

Meanwhile, the feline who seems to sense that his feline friend is going to cause some troubles immediately steps in and stops the fight before it even starts.

The adorable golden retriever grabs the prowling cat by its leash and drags the cat the opposite direction

When the hilarious video was posted on Twitter, it quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views and retweets as the majority of people could relate to the whole incident+

Many people also found it funny that the golden retriever steps in to stop the cat brawl despite cats and dogs usually do not get along with each other, let alone to help one another.

Watch this hilarious clip of good dog stopping his cat friend from getting involved in a street fight here

Credit: Twitter/@Gaml .y


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