Real-life Spiderman boy from Iran is said to be the next Messi for his amazing football skills


This five-year-old boy was once an internet sensation when a video of him climbing the wall of his living room like a real-life Spiderman with bare hands and feet became viral worldwide. 

Apparently, not only that he has impeccable acrobatic and gymnastics skills, this young boy is also an aspiring football player who is said to be the next Messi!

A short footage of five-year-old Arat Hosseini has gone viral on the internet for his amazing athletic skills

In the viral footage, Arat shows off his football skills as he skillfully breaks through the defenders during a football game

Arat who is Iranian native was recorded playing football with his little friends and his video has quickly made rounds on the internet like a wildfire

Some even compared the boy’s skills to Lionel Messi, one of the top football players in the world

Arat’s video which shows him climbing the wall of his living room became viral when he was only three years old

Mohammad Hosseini first discovered his son’s astounding ability when he saw how effortless it was for three-month-old Arat to hang from different points with his tiny hands.

Soon, he started to train his toddler son with gymnastic and acrobatic skills like handstand, jumping from a height and balancing in difficult positions when Arat turned one

“I like Arat to be the best in Acrobatics and be Olympic Champion one day,” Mohammad Hosseini said.

Watch skilful Arat is when plays football with his friends that people are comparing him to Messi in this video here

Credit: Parsonline


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