From “soybeans” to fish—look at how these cichlid babies hatch from their eggs in an aquarium


Have you seen fish babies hatch and grow in an aquarium? If not, you are in for an amazing video treat!

Cichlid is a beautiful freshwater fish species and both male and female cichlids will take care of their eggs and guard their babies against any predators until they hatch safely.

However, young cichlids often do not survive into adulthood when there are other fish around as they are an easy target.

In order to help increase this fish’s chances for maturity, a new way has been developed.

In this alternative breeding, the cichlid eggs are now safely kept in a small incubator where the eggs are safe and warm until it is time to hatch

The unique incubator mimics the similar environment of a female cichlid’s mouth where it usually harbours the fish eggs until they hatch

One minute into the video, the cichlid eggs are ready to hatch and some of them start to crack open their eggs and reveal their adorable and tiny body

Compared to the natural way of breeding which only takes several days for the fish eggs to hatch, this alternative hatching requires 21 days before they start to hatch

Nevertheless, this incubator does prove that it is possible to hatch fish eggs in an artificial environment and allows all eggs to hatch safely.

Watch how these cichlid babies hatch and grow in this video here

Credit: YouTube/Adam C


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