Aspiring musician Kate Stone creates stunning music with unique musical instrument called handpan


Stunning melody and gentle tune from this unique musical instrument will definitely be one of the best musical pieces you have ever heard so far.

Meet the amazingly talented musician, Kate Stone who plays handpan, a steel drum shaped in a convex form.

Kate is gaining attention and recognition from worldwide thanks to her beautiful music that she creates by playing the handpan 

The bizarre musical instrument is an invention from the company PANArt Hangbau AG. It was first created in the year 2000 in Bern, Switzerland.

Even though it originates from Switzerland, this unique musical instrument has also received an influence from Caribbean Steeldrum.

Made from stainless steel, handpan creates stunning and soothing music that sounds something out of a fairytale movie

It is also believed that this musical instrument has a positive effect on both human’s mind and body.

According to Kate, handpan is more than just a musical instrument to her. The musical instrument always inspires her to find a new melody through its unique and powerful vibration.

She has also collaborated with other musicians for her music videos 

Currently, Kate is on a tour around the world to introduce her music in various concerts, festivals and music events.

Watch how Kate creates magical sound from handpan in this video here


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