Adorable parrot wakes its sleeping owner with a gentle kiss on the cheek


Sometimes, it is hard to wake up early in the morning without the alarm clock blaring next to us. 

Lucky for this woman, she never has to set her alarm because her adorable parrot will wake her up every morning.

In the heartwarming video, the woman can be seen sleeping in her bed with parrot pet in her embrace.

In a gentle attempt to wake her up, the parrot then moves its wings and gives an adorable kiss on her cheek

The woman later gently strokes her parrot pet to let it know that she has woken up. The two then shares a snuggle under the warm blanket.

While some pet owners get a morning call in the form of their barking dog or cat which constantly meowing in their ears every morning, this parrot gives a sweet kiss to its owner.

Forget setting up an alarm clock, this parrot pet will gently wake you up after a good night’s sleep

This beautiful moment between the parrot and its owner has recently made rounds on the internet as thousands of people fell in love with how adorable the parrot woke her up every morning.

Check out how the loving parrot wakes its owner up in this video here


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