Seventh-grader drives bus after school bus driver suddenly passes out behind the wheel


This is the terrifying moment when a school bus driver suddenly passed out while driving a bus full of students.

Luckily for this young hero, he quickly takes over the driver seat and drives the bus to safety.

Seventh-grader Jeremy Wuitschick is quietly sitting in his seat when he suddenly notices that the bus started to swerve onto the opposite direction

The bus then starts to lose control as it frantically moves on the road.

Wuitschick immediately jumps out of his seat and takes charge behind the wheel as he controls the steering and tries to avoid crashing into any vehicles on the road

The boy later safely drives the bus to the roadside in front of Discovery Primary School, just the opposite of where the students and he head to, Surprise Lake Middle School

According to Wuitschick, he reacts based on his instinct and his guts tell him something is wrong and that the incident happened so quickly.

The students on board are also trained in emergency situations like the incident and they are also taught on how to shut down the bus in the case of emergency.

Thankfully, there is no traffic accidents or other injuries reported.

What would you do if you were in such a situation?

Credit: ABC News 


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