Smart dog goes shopping at local convenience store all by itself


Everyone knows that dogs are great when it comes to doing cute tricks and playing catch but not many know that they are best at shopping too!

Evidently, this adorable golden retriever knows how to shop and it even makes its way down to the nearby convenience store all by itself.

In this heartwarming video, the clever dog can be seen walking towards City Cafe, a convenience store in the neighbourhood as it carries a bag around its neck.

Like a true local, the dog goes straight into the convenience store as if it had been to the store countless times before

[00:08] The dog even knows how to wait for its turn as it patiently waits for the customer who comes before him to pay at the counter

[00:14] When its turn comes, the dog waits for the cashier to open the bag

After the cashier puts the receipt and the balance into its adorably mini grocery bag, the golden retriever simply heads home!

By looking at how completely good and comfortable the dog is, it is quite apparent that it has frequent the convenience store and goes shopping by itself many times.

It does not even get distracted by the delicious treats from the shelves. What a good boy!

Watch the smart dog goes shopping at a local convenience store on its own here


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