Sneaky cat gets an octopus clung on to its face after a cheeky attempt to eat it


One seafood shop in South Korea realised that their octopuses were kept falling short in number.

Thinking that their octopus stock was stolen by a thief, the shop decided to catch the thief and reveal the truth.

To their surprise, the thief was a lot cuter and furry than they expected! It turned out that there were two feline thieves named Byul and Bang-wool

Byul and Bang-wool were two adorable cat couple who liked to steal octopuses from the seafood shop. Like professionals, the two cats boldly made their steps towards the shop as if they were confident of not getting caught by the shop owner.

Unfortunately, although the cats managed to discreetly take the octopuses away without the owner’s knowledge, it does not mean that they could eat the tentacle-clad seafood easily.

In the hilarious video, the octopus can be seen clinging on to the cat’s face when he tries to eat it

As the octopus uses its tentacles to cling on to the cat’s face, the feline walks away in an effort to loosen the octopus’s grip

Apparently, the incident was not enough to scare the cats away from stealing the octopuses.

The video later shows the two cats returned to the shop once again to steal some octopuses for them and their kittens

However, there is one problem. It seems that the shop owner has kept a dog to guard the octopuses from being stolen by the scaredy cats!

Watch what happens next in this video here

Source: SBS


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