Brave 8-year-old girl tried to save grandfather’s valuables and cash during a robbery


An 8-year-old girl was hailed as a hero after her bold and quick action of stopping armed robbers from getting away in the Philippines.

The fearless girl was captured on a surveillance camera trying to fight back against a group of four robbers robbed from her family.

The incident which took place in a residential area in General Trias in the province of Cavite shows the robbers, armed with guns robbed a man and stole some valuables from a house.

However, when the robbers tried to flee from the crime scene, the victim’s grandchild made a bold attempt to stop them from getting away

The young girl even managed to snatch a bag full of stolen cash from the robbers.

Unfortunately, she fell and dropped the bag filled with cash which the robbers later picked up.

The girl later stood up and tried to chase down the fleeing robbers but she was hit by a motorcycle when she made an attempt to grab her grandfather’s bag from the robbers

The young girl sustained a head injury while the robbers managed to escape.

The grandmother of the girl said in an interview with local media, GMA News that she yelled to her grandchild from chasing after the robbers in fear of her getting hurt

“She was adamant in chasing the thieves and really fought them bravely… but ended up getting her head injured,” she said.

However, the girl said that her reason for making such a brave act was because her grandfather had been working hard to save the money 

“I know he worked hard for their money but some people would just take them away,” the child said.

Credit: YouTube


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