Singing is a good way to lose weight and burn calories—and has many more benefits too


Music is a companion and a healer. People listen to music when they’re happy, emotional and they let music to define themselves. But never have we realized that music is also a form of sports for the body!

  1. Burning calories with your vocals

Apparently when you sing, you will use the entire muscles in your body. This is agreed by Su Liwen, a Taiwanese singer, who shared that singing a minute of song is like burning 20 calories for someone weighing at 60kg/130 pounds. So if you sing 2 hours continuously, you can burn at least 2,400 calories! That’s like burning off the fried chicken you ate!

2. Singing increases body immunity 

University of California has found that the amount of immunoglobulin (simply means antibodies!) increases by 150% in their study on a choir group during their practice and it increases to 240% after their concert!

Singing helps the decompression process in our bodies and our immune system just gets better.

3. Singing is a message to our own body

Vocal chords movements are the only way to send an internal circular message through our body’s diaphragm. So on the spiritual level, slow songs can stabilize our blood pressure while upbeat songs can get us on our feet to dance.

4. Singing build relationships and stimulate inner feelings

Singing can release hormones called oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone” that influences our social interaction and sexual attraction. With the right mood, this hormone can build deeper relationships between people!


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