Christmas miracle when cruise ship found and rescued 2 stranded fisherman for more than 20 days

Credit: Twitter/ James Van Fleet

It must have been a once-a-lifetime experience when the crews on board of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship rescued two Costa Rican fishermen who had been drifting in the sea for more than twenty days.

Due to bad weather, the ship, Empress of the Seas, which was en route to Cienfuegos, Cuba, had to change its course to Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

The Royal Caribbean’s chief meteorologist, James Van Fleet, updated it in his Twitter that it was necessary to avoid a brewing storm and the new destination would keep everyone safe from the strong winds. 

Not only did this change ensured a safe journey for everyone, but it has also rescued the two fishermen who had been drifting on the sea since December 1.

An anomaly in the radar system of the cruise ship turned out to be a small fishing boat afloat on the sea waters between Jamaica and Grand Cayman, where the rescue took place.

Credit: Twitter/ James Van Fleet

Crew members of the cruise ship who were operating the radars at that time immediately called for emergency rescue and pulled out the lucky two.

Credit: Twitter/ James Van Fleet

The two stranded fishermen ran out of fuel after the wind had blown them far from their original net casting spot and they had enough food and water supplies for seven days only.

Credit: Twitter/ James Van Fleet

Van Fleet was also the same man who brought the rescue to light when he shared the rescue photos in his Twitter on December 21.

He told the Business Insider that the two men, one of whom was unable to walk at the time, received food, water, and medical attention after boarding the ship. Once the ship reached Ocho Rios, they were rushed to a local hospital.

The crew who saved them collected $300 among themselves and passed it to the sailors to buy clothes and food after they left the hospital. How thoughtful of them!

Everything certainly happens for a reason and had it not been the change of course destination, the cruise ship would not have the chance to save the two poor men.

Kudos to Van Fleet and the entire crew!

Credit: Twitter/ Kyle Mills

This is certainly one of the best Christmas miracle stories that we have encountered! Stay safe and merry, folks.

Credit: Business Insider


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