Filipino lady gets the entire Philippine Airlines flight to herself for Christmas


It is common to see people flocking to the airports, railway stations, and bus stations during the holiday season so a lady from the Philippines did not expect that she would get the entire flight to herself last Christmas. 

News correspondent Louisa Erispe found herself to be the only passenger for Philippine Airlines’s PR 2820 flight last December 24.

The flight from Davao to Manila was almost entirely empty except for Erispe as the only passenger and the cabin crew.

Credit: Facebook/ Louis Erispe

In her Facebook post that has gone viral, Erispe wrote, “I have no idea what to say or what to think. But I’ll be flying alone tonight on the plane. No other passenger, just me. I’m nervous. Please take care of me, God.”

Thankfully, the flight went well with Erispe had fun switching seats around. “Update: the flight went well and I switched seats the whole time,” Erispe wrote in the following Facebook post.

Credit: Facebook/ Louis Erispe

She even managed to seize the once-in-a-lifetime miracle to take a photo with the cabin crew.

Credit: Facebook/ Louis Erispe

According to Erispe, this was the first time she ever boarded a flight in which she was the only passenger.

Credit: Facebook/ Louis Erispe

Erispe’s Facebook post has received 20,000 likes, 11,000 shares, and more than 3,000 comments.

The rare flight amused thousands of people as some shared their thoughts about the possibility of airlines to operate even with just one passenger.

Meanwhile, some users also shared their experience boarding such flight in the past


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