Vince Gill was told not to sing about Jesus, but he gets on stage and does so anyway—he brings the crowd to tears!


When American country singer and songwriter Vince Gill was told he couldn’t sing about God on the Grand Ole Opry stage with quartet Little Big Town, he defied all expectations and wowed the crowd with a beautiful rendition of ‘Why Me Lord’.

Credit: YouTube/ Grand Ole Opry

The 61-year-old, who had been making music praising God for decades, didn’t listen and went against instructions not to sing religious songs. 

But his bold move left everyone speechless, they were so amazed by his singing voice and talent!

Vince’s stunning tenor voice struck a chord with the crowd—they couldn’t get enough and even gave him a standing ovation!

Credit: YouTube/ Grand Ole Opry

His stunning performance even brought some of the audience to tears! 

Credit: YouTube/ Grand Ole Opry
Credit: YouTube/ luvnashville

“Thank you so much posting this. I was there and wish I had this recorded. It’s so good to see this again. I was bawling during this!” one Vince fan who attended the stunning performance wrote on YouTube.

The 21 Grammy award winning singer has built himself an impressive career singing about God.

Credit: Vince Gill

But he first rose to fame in the 1970s as frontman to the country rock band Prairie League.

One day, during a particularly low point in Vince’s life, he decided to attend a church service.

That’s when he discovered he needed Jesus in his life!

Vince wanted to show the world with his defiant performance that he is courageous and that nothing could get in the way of his faith in God!

Credit: YouTube/ luvnashville

The incredibly talented singer stepped on stage and gave it his all, singing “Little Big Town” and “Why Me Lord”.

His sincerity and strength of character should be an example for us all.

Watch his moving performance here: 

Credit: JumbleJoy


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