Creative dad DIYs double king bed to fit his whole family of six for a more comfortable sleep


As the saying goes, an unusual problem requires a creative solution! This dad wants his family of six to sleep together when he found out it would help with his kids’ growth and wellbeing.

Research proves that children who cuddle with their parents at night will grow up happier and has a stronger bond compared to children who do not. His eureka moment came in the form of DIY-ing a giant bed!

His wife, Irine Nadia, shared her husband’s handiwork on her Instagram. Apparently, this gigantic bed was made by combining two king-sized frames which took about a month to complete.

The completed bedframe!

Credit: Instagram/Irine Nadia


She called it a ‘DIY bed for six’. In the beginning, she couldn’t believe her ears when her husband told her about his sparkling idea. So, she decided to wait and see. The next thing she knew, her husband had gone out and bought wood pallets, a woodcutter machine, and other necessary equipment to build the bed.

Look at how huge it is! Her husband has amazing handiwork!

Credit: Instagram/Irine Nadia

When the time came to set up the bedframes, Irene could not contain her excitement. She knew this bed would always hold a sentimental value to them, built by her husband from scratch for his family. Their kids are especially eager to see the results and can’t wait to roll around the extra space!

Complete with sheets, pillows, and duvets, this bed looks comfier than ever.

Credit: Instagram/Irine Nadia

Spacious and comfortable, the kids will definitely enjoy their naps from now on. No more squeezing in and pushing for extra space! What an inspiration to all parents out there.

Credit: Instagram/Irine Nadia

Here’s a time-lapse video of her husband combining the bedframes in their room:


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