Find out the amazing health benefits of adding cilantro to your diet


Cilantro, which is also known as coriander or Chinese parsley is a popular herb due to the fresh taste it brings to a dish. This herb is loaded with beneficial phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which is great as it provides significant health benefits.

Cilantro is a great detox herb as studies suggest that cilantro can help get rid of heavy metals, such as lead, from the body. This is important since many people are exposed to heavy metals on a regular basis and as time goes by, these toxins can start to build up and this will be detrimental to a person’s body.

This leafy herb is also great in combating oxidative damage done to the heart. According to the World Health Organisation, cardiovascular diseases account for over 30% of deaths that happen in the world. With this shocking statistic in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to try and take better care of your cardiovascular health now.

The phytochemicals found in cilantro can protect your heart from oxidative damage and keep it healthy.

Besides taking care of the heart, cilantro can also help in regulating the body’s blood sugar levels. Various studies have shown that cilantro is useful in lowering blood sugar which leads researchers to believe that this herb is great for helping to manage diabetes. High levels of glucose in the body can be harmful and it would be for the benefit of everyone to keep their blood sugar levels balanced.

Having a regulated blood sugar level helps in maintaining a person’s energy levels throughout the day.

Anxiety is becoming more and more commonly found to a problem people are diagnosed with nowadays. Many anti-anxiety drugs come with significant side effects but cilantro may be an alternative to those.

A study found that cilantro extract is just as effective in reducing anxiety as drugs like diazepam.

Cilantro is also great in preventing certain types of diseases of the brain such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s which are thought to be associated with inflammation and oxidative damage. It contains antioxidants that would protect the brain from oxidative stress and significantly reduce chronic inflammation.

This herb is also rich in Vitamin A which is needed by the body to ensure it functions at its most optimal level. Vitamin A ensures for a healthy immune system, eyes, skin as well as mucus membranes.

With so many health benefits tied to this leafy herb, it’s definitely worth giving it a try!


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