Granddaughter made hamburgers from scratch for grandparents who have only seen it on TV


Living in a world that is becoming more and more globalized, a majority of the individuals who live in large cities will have access to things that are made from different countries.

In the case of food and drinks for example, a majority of city dwellers would have consumed some meals from a major fast food chain. Those who live in the outskirts or rural areas aren’t as lucky because the closest they may have come to fast food would be seeing it on TV.

A Chinese YouTuber decided to make burgers from scratch for her grandparents because they have never tried it before and have only seen advertisements on the television. Her channel is full of videos of her making various authentic dishes the traditional way so making beef burgers is a little unconventional. However, she collects the ingredients she needs from the farm.

There have been many YouTubers with similar videos who show us their daily lives in the countryside doing various activities like farming, harvesting and collecting ingredients to cook with. Here she soaks fresh tomatoes in boiled water then proceeds to remove the skin.

She then minces the beef in order to form burger patties for her burgers.

She even made the burger buns from scratch and once they were ready, they were baked in a pot over a coal fire.

It is believed that cooking with charcoal fire would result in awesomeness. Imagine cooking the patties with it, the rich flavors from the meat and ingredients would be enhanced.

After preparing her ingredients, it was time to assemble the burger. The soft buns were cut in half and the homemade beef patties and ketchup were stacked on it.

The burgers were finished off with some fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes. Overall the burgers looked mouthwatering.

She then let her grandparents and brother to try these beef burgers.

Her grandparents were delighted that she made this dish for them.

Judging from the smiles on their faces, they enjoyed every bite.

Pretty sure that her grandparents would love their burgers because it’s her heart that truly counts!

Watch her pick out fresh ingredients and turn them into these burgers in the video below:


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