Heartwarming moment when a surgeon calms a little girl before her surgery


If getting into the operating room for surgery is nervewracking and scary for an adult, imagine how would a 2-year-old feels about it.

This little girl was required to enter the operating room for heart surgery but she was so scared and nervous that she cried. As the hospital is always a busy place, the doctors and nurses are always rushing around too. But luckily there’s one caring doctor who takes a little of his time to calm this scared little girl.

The surgeon, Shi Zhuo, Deputy Director of Cardiac Surgery at the children’s section of a hospital in Zhejiang, China took her and started playing her favorite cartoons on his phone.

Credit: NTD

The girl who was crying non-stop because she’s alone and away from her parents started to calm down.

And she stopped crying and stayed focus on the smartphone.

Credit: NTD

With his caring gesture, the doctor almost looked like a father to the little girl. After the girl calmed down and stopped crying, they went back to the operating room and proceeded with the surgery. Thankfully, the surgery went well and was a success.

She’s no longer scared so they proceed with her surgery.

Credit: NTD

Apparently, Dr Shi is well-known to take care of the children who have come for surgery by taking a leisurely break with them.

“When you first enter the operating room, adults are nervous and feels uneasy about it too. Same goes to the kids. So we have to calm them and encourage them first,” said the doctor.

Look at how calm the little girl is under his care.

Credit: NTD

After the picture was spread on the internet, one mother shared her experience meeting the kind-hearted surgeon.

“My child also met this doctor before the surgery. According to my child, he went into the operating room alone without us his parents, but he’s not afraid because the uncle and aunties (doctor and nurses) were so kind and talked to him a lot.”

Boosting both patient and the family’s confidence, Dr. Shi is definitely a good man that we need to cherish.

Credit: NTD KR


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