Fashion designer invents wheelchair for his disabled goldfish and the internet is swimming in delight over it

Credit: Caters News Agency/FB

When fashion designer Henry Kim realized that many of his pet fishes have a relatively short life span, he took matters to his own hand.

Kim, who is from Seoul, Korea is an aquarium enthusiast. He has three aquariums at home filled with more than 20 goldfish. Though they are adorable creatures with attractive color and features, most of them tend to die early due to a condition known as the Swim Bladder disorder.

This condition makes the fish float upside or sink to the bottom of the aquarium. Either way, they are unable to live as long as their healthier counterparts. Kim wanted to change the fate of his fishes so he started researching online for ways to cure the disease.

Credit: Caters News Agency/FB

After hours of watching online tutorials, he came up with a design idea for a makeshift wheelchair for his pet goldfish. He built it out of hollow tubes and had it fastened to the fish’s body.

Much to his delight, the floating device actually worked! It was able to keep him (the fish) swim upright but also maintain buoyancy so he could move around and reach for food from the bottom of the aquarium.

Credit: Caters News Agency/FB

Thanks to Kim’s simple but effective innovation, his fish was able to live for five long months.

Credit: Caters News Agency/FB

The video was posted on a Facebook page and it has netizens gushing with all sorts of feelings.

“This is so awesome, and this lil guy is so adorable, and to the gentleman who designed this, you are an angel,” reads a sweet comment.

“I never thought I’d love watching a fish this much, but this little chunky guy is adorable. He’s so lucky to have such a caring owner,” another netizen writes.

Overall, this disabled goldfish was not only loved by his owner but also by the people on the internet.


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