Woman burned to death after her mobile phone exploded while it was charged overnight


What seems like a harmless action of charging a mobile phone overnight turned into a tragic accident for a married couple from Thailand after the device exploded and set their house in northern Thailand on fire.

In a tragic accident that has taken the wife’s life, Nisachol Sawasdiwong, 33, and her husband, Yothin, 36, were in bed together when Nisachol’s mobile phone suddenly exploded while still charging.

According to The Sun, Yothin managed to escape the house before losing his consciousness while his wife collapsed as she tried to escape. 

Credit: The Sun

Nisachol, unfortunately, did not make it out of the burning house.

Her charred remains were found by fire crews who arrived later to put out the fire. 

Credit: The Sun

The explosion was said to be caused by a short circuit from Nisachol’s smartphone which was plugged into the mains while it charged overnight.

Credit: The Sun

The post mortem conducted on Nisachol’s remains revealed that the woman died due to intense heat from the fire.

In the meantime, Yothin has not regained his consciousness and is still fighting for his life at the hospital. 

Credit: The Sun

Police colonel Chokdee Rakwattanapon said,“…Neighbours said he (Yothin) tried to help her but she passed out inside the building from smoke inhalation because she had been ill recently and was not strong,”

”We also know that they would normally charge their phones at night and fire crews said the fire started from an electrical short circuit that they suspect came from the phone.

“The information from the husband would be useful for this case but he is in severe condition and could die.”


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