Man rescues an unknown dying animal and later found out the species is


Jeff was walking along when he found a tiny baby animal lying on the street, suffering under the hot Florida sun. He rescued the little critter and managed to save its life. 

Realizing that the little animal had been separated from her mother, he knew that if he didn’t intervene, the animal would perish.

Jeff acted immediately and took the cutie home with him.

As it turned out this little critter was actually a baby flying squirrel after it grew up!

See how cute this squirrel is ! So Cool ! 

Jeff and Biscuits formed a wonderful bond and they have a ball together.

“She runs around me like I’m a big tree,” said Jeff. “… then jumps on things and then jumps back … gets excited … starts chirping … rinse and repeat.”

Speaking of other animals, Jeff also has dogs, who just love Biscuits—and it’s a mutual affection. “I just have to watch them so they don’t accidentally squish her,” said Jeff jokingly.

One might imagine a flying squirrels would not like living in a human house. But for Biscuits, this is proven otherwise. As Jeff stated, tongue in cheek, “I’m stuck with the little fluffball.”

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