Personality Test : Which path would you walk down?


The way it works is simple. Just take a look at these six very different paths and choose the one you would walk down. The one you choose doesn’t just reveal secrets about your subconscious, it also the path you’re on in life.  

Which path would you walk down?

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Path 1. You have a soft, wistful spirit and a gentle nature. You take pleasure in beauty and you’re at your happiest when surrounded by your favorite objects. Traditions and the past are important to you. Though you tend to stay quiet, try making your voice heard more often. The time is right to say the things you’ve been feeling.

Path 2. You relish new adventures, new sensations, and new experiences. You’re spunky and bold, and you don’t like to play games. You’re a strong personality that doesn’t mince words. Loyal and trustworthy, you would never mislead a friend. Your courage is a source of strength to those around you, but let them see your softer side, too. You both need it.

Path 3. You like to take your time, think things through, and soak it all in. You ask questions and seek the answers. You lose your way sometimes, but you don’t mind. While some people fear silence and the unknown, you thrive in it. Your quiet energy is a calming force, and your curiosity is refreshing, but invite others in sometimes. You’ll enjoy it more than you think.

Path 4. You’re a whimsical soul with a strong sense of humour. You’re drawn to all things flashy and unique, and your life is filled with color. Passionate and exuberant with a flair for the dramatic, you have a vibrant spirit that charms those around you. People draw energy from your humour and sparkle, but show them you can be serious, too.

Path 5. You’re a laid-back, salt of the earth kind of person. You’re humble and sincere, and it’s hard to rile you up. You’re quick to forgive and forget, and even quicker to smile. While others are sweating the small stuff, you’re humming a little tune. Your calm energy and warmth can be of help to those around you. Teach them how to let things go.

Path 6. You’re quiet and thoughtful, and your feelings run very deep. You prefer solitude, though you’re not opposed to good company. You’re sensitive and compassionate, and you radiate with sincerity. Your private world is beautiful, so invite people in now and again.

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Credit: Woman Magazine


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