Boyfriend ‘lost his whole life’ after discovering his girlfriend’s pregnancy of quintuplets is just a Fake one  


Paul Servat 35, met Barbary Bienvenue 37 last summer in Montreal Canada. In September, two months after they started dating, she told him she was pregnant.

Paul was very happy and the baby story lasted for 34 weeks.

Paul appears happy and show of the 5 baby beds he bought when expecting Barbary’s expected delivery date

“Even my parents, they were so looking forward to having grandchildren,” said Paul.

As weeks passed Barbary told Paul she was expecting twins, then triplets, then quadruplets and finally the stunning news that there were five babies in her belly.

Paul and Barbary is so happy of the pregnancy of “five babies”!

Paul freaked out and started to find financial aids from his personal and professional contacts. Some people gave them clothes or even furniture as sponsorship.

A Facebook page was made to document the pregnancy and, eventually, display the gifts that the couple received from their neighbors and local businesses.

Then on Wednesday, the supposed scheduled delivery date, Paul found out the truth.

Barbary poses happily to show her “fake pregnancy”

‘The doctors told me it was a phantom pregnancy,’ he said.

 “I lost everything, it was my whole life,” said Paul.

Barbary is now under psychiatric observation.

Baby clothing bought by the happy Paul for his ‘babies’ 🙁

Paul said she was so convinced she was pregnant that her belly swelled, she began lactating and even had morning sickness.

Paul said he plans to give back all the presents they had received or donate them.

“I’ll return all these things to people who sent them or give them (away),” Paul said.

“I’m a good person and I have nothing to do with these lies.”

Credit: Dailymail UK


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