12 ‘Award Winning’ Invention by Top Geniuses in the World


We are living in a competitive world and innovation is important for us to excel in our life.

When you encounter difficulties or challenges in life, do you just accept it or think of a solution to overcome it?

There are so many things we can improve and innovate in our daily life. So don’t stop thinking and start innovating!

Check out the ‘Award Winning’ best invention of 2017 by Top Geniuses in the world.

#1. One side of the roller skates is broken? No worry, try this.
#2. Innovative way to cut your own hair professionally.

#3. Faster way to drink your culture milk.

#4. Safety is always first.

#5. Flood? No worry, try this best invention of flood slippers.

#6. When your camera is out of space but you must be in the photo.

#7. There is no more excuse for us not cooking.

#8. Sleepy in class? Try this new product by this student.

#9. Afraid of being fined for worn out tires? Try this magic pen.

#10. Can’t smile attractively to girls? Try this worry free sticker and you are ready to go.

#11. How to show Love to your dream girl, with styles.

#12. Cool umbrella, definitely the best invention of the year.


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