Cute baby elephant photos that will surely brighten your day


Elephants are gentle despite their size and baby elephants are lovable too. Let’s appreciate these animals as much as we can and fall in love with them as they grow larger to be mammoths of tomorrow.

New born baby elephants or calves typically weigh about 250 pounds and 3 feet tall. They usually experience some difficulty with such size so sometimes they are clumsy and stumble over the lack of control over their own bodies.

For calves, they are said to need about 3 gallons of milk per day and the need goes on until they reach 10 years old.

When calves reached 12 years old and above, for males, they will leave their group. In contrast to male, female, will stay with their parents to as long as they lives.

Check out a collection of photos of elephants below. You’ll definitely be smiling to share it around!


Credit: GallowBoob



Credit: Shah Rogers



Credit: Willy Thuan


Credit: Sangdeaun Lek Chailert


Credit: Robbie Prehn


Credit: Barbara Arstal


Credit: Gary Brookshaw


Credit: Bjorn Alicke


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