Behind the face of a crying young girl who works as laborer, unfolding an awesome story


We rarely see a girl willing to become a laborer and work with a job that is monopolized by men. But, this is happening in China, and shockingly she is a young and beautiful girl too.

Not surprisingly, men are willing to work hard to become laborers to raise their families. But when a young girl does a rough and heavy labor job, it’s something rare and unusual, right?

This beautiful young girl in China works as a cement lifter to sustain her life and support her poor family.

Her mother gave birth to this girl when her age was over 40 years old. After this girl grew up, her old parents were incapable of working hard and supporting this girl perfectly like other families.

To ease the burden of his family, this girl has decided to work in a cement factory. This work is done every semester break during her studies at the university.

The wages earned from this work will not only be able to finance his tuition fees but can also be given to his parents who are sick and old in the village.

Seeing her limited strength and steadfastness of lifting a heavy bag of cement it would be a sense of heartache for all of us.

This hard work is very difficult and dirty for a young girl like her. Her face was filled with cement dust when she holds the heavy cement bag.

She even cries when she feels it’s too hard to withstand the hardship for an ordinary girl like her. The trace of her tears can be clearly seen leaving a mark on her dusted face.

We really wish she can improve her life very soon after she graduates from the university and earn a good living soon.


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