A man bought an expensive gold Arowana. When he wants to feed, the fish does not want to open its mouth. After the fish opened its mouth with his help, he was so surprised!


Arowana, its scientific term is scleropages formosus, is one of the surviving ancient fish, also preserved by many as ornamental fish. Many Asians believe that having it at home can bring good fortune, and this guy is really one of the lucky ones.

Arowana has existed since 2.9 billion years ago. If observed, Arowana swims slowly but steadily and elegantly. It is indeed a very beautiful fish to be admired.

Its body is covered with glittering, golden color, which symbolizes beauty and wealth. Because of its privileged status, it is very expensive. A man went to a pet shop and is stunned by the way the fish swims and decided to buy it.

He released the fish into his fish aquarium and noticed that the fish looked a bit weird – its mouth was not opened. He was panicked because the fish usually open its mouth to breathe.

This caused his anxiety that his expensive fish would die. So he decided to open the mouth of the fish for inspection.

How surprised he was when he opened the fish mouth because there was a small group of tiny fishes came out of the mouth!

The man thought it was probably the leftover fish food given to Arowana to eat but after looking closely and looking for information on the google site to get the answer, he found that the little fish was actually the golden Arowana fish! The man was really surprised and happy.

He never thought by buying this expensive Arowana he would get a dozen free fish.

It’s like buying one and get a dozen free. He’s so happy! This small Arowana allows this man to gain great profits when they grow up! If the pet shop owner knew about this, he would have fainted!


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