Daddy’s Love! David Beckham completes Lego castle for his little princess


David Beckham has finished building a 4,080 pieces Lego castle for his daughter after six days.

Instagram of David Beckham

World soccer legend David Beckham decided to take on the challenge to building the Lego castle because his daughter Harper requested him to do so.

David took to Instagram to show off a picture of him looking worried and confused at the newly unwrapped Lego castles with over 4,000 pieces and an instruction booklet.

It’s not easy to build this Lego Disney castle because it has 4080 pieces and 49 pages of instructions to read.

Instagram: David Beckham

It is known that this Lego challenge will take ordinary people at least 1 week to complete.

After six days of hard work, David showed off in Instagram a picture of the finished deliverable, quoting “1am done…Someone’s gonna have a nice surprise in the morning zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (sic)”

Instagram: David Beckham
Instagram: David Beckham and his daughter Harper.

What a great job David Beckham has done to showcase the love for his daughter. David previously revealed that he likes playing with Lego to help him to relax and calm him down. Perhaps, inside every man there is a little boy. Well done, David.


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