Popular psychological test! What you choose to eat first will reveal your key skill to earn a living


This is a bowl of expensive Ramen, what would you eat first?

A. Meat

B. Hot spring egg

C. Noodles

D. Soup


A. Meat = Brain

You do not like to speak too much and you are more comfortable when surrounded by familiar friends in order to open your heart. You prefer simple life to complicated one. You want to get rich quickly and become successful as soon as possible, and you are willing to try everything to achieve the target. You want to obtain financial freedom as early as possible in your life. You are good at observation and can handle and manage things well. You have an instinctive talent to think creatively and able to come out with unique and clever ideas. You rely heavily on your brain power to make a decent living, for example using your talent to do your own business. You like to be a leader and do not like to listen to instructions from others. You are able to thrive well in the workplace by using political influence. You are destined to use your brain and intelligence to become successful in life.

B. Hot spring eggs = Appearance

You use your appearance and body language to make a living. Even though you may not be very intelligent, you appear to be smart and confident outside, and you are able to let others believe in you simply because of your strong appearance. Even if you are just a junior staff in your company, you are able to convince others with your above average appearance. That does not mean that you are not capable, but your appearance supersedes your other strengths and make you stand out from the rest. You are a master of packaging, and a fast learner with great insight. You are able to imitate successful people and even fine tune their intelligences and styles and make it your own unique proposition. You are also a natural born actor or actress. People will admire and look up to you as idol and role model. You are destined to use your appearance to earn a living.

C. Noodles = Communication Skill (Mouth)

You mainly use your communication skill or soft skill to make a good living. Most likely, your talent is not natural born but obtained through hard work and years of experiences and training. You are able to joke around, but also good at discussing serious topics with others. You have a very strong adaptability and love to learn new knowledge by communicating with people. You understand the importance of creating your own network to become successful in life. Inside, you may feel insecure, but you are always able to think out of the box and come out with better ideas to do things. This is your gifted talent! You are a good negotiator or at least potential to become one. You have the ability to link people or businesses up with your excellent communication skill and analytical intelligence. You enjoy making new friends and those who know you also can benefit by enlarging their own network. You are destined to use your mouth or communication skill to earn a living.

D. Soup = Hard Work

You make a living through hard work. You do not have a sense of security and do not trust others easily. You do not like to delegate the tasks to others because you think you can do it faster and better, or you simply do not like to trouble others. Even after delegation, you like to interfere with what others are doing. You are very clever and do things fast. You always think that you can improve further and your friends may find you working hard day and night. Your attachment to perfection makes you continue to strive. Even though you are already good enough to be your own boss, you still think that you can improve further in the workplace. You could be overly attached to perfection, sometime you should relax and let things develop naturally and you may find a different or better outcome. You are able to survive in the workplace by relying on your hard work. You are not afraid of troubles nor tiredness. For you, doing nothing at home is even more painful for you. You are destined to use your hard work to make a living in your life.

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