Man is stunned to know the fish he bought from the market is not an ordinary one!


Recently, a guy shared one mysterious story in his social media that quickly became hot talking point for netizens. He once went to the market with his mother to buy a fish to prepare fish soup for their lunch.

The fish ended up a hot talking topic in the social media. Why? This is because this fish is not like any other fish. It is a fish filled with ‘miracle’.

After spotted this one ‘big’ fish in the market, they agreed to buy it. The fish big stomach made them thought that the fish must have a lot of fish eggs inside. However, they were stunned by the actual fact!

At home, when his mother attempted to gut the fish, she then saw something weird inside it. She pulled the tail slowly and found out that the fish had a smaller fish inside its body.

Surprisingly, it was not only one, but it was 30 altogether!

Wonderful, weird and a little scary, isn’t it? How can all these small fish were inside the big fish’s body?

Stunned by the extraordinary incident, they kept on thinking how could this happen when the fact is that fish can only lay eggs instead of giving birth. When shared on his social media, netizens kept on giving their own opinions regarding this matter.

One person also shared his experience when he found 48 small fish inside another fish’s body. Amazing isn’t it? Pictures below are the proof that were shown by one of thenetizens.

Even until today, this mystery has not yet been solved. What do you think? Give us your thoughts about this mysterious incident. Do you think it’s real?



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