This little boy thought his late mother was sleeping in a coffin and what he said will bring you to tears


Children may be too young to understand what death is all about. It may be hard for them to accept the fact that their loved ones are suddenly no longer in this world especially when the loved ones are their parents.

During this phase, one person who is close to them has to show moral support, love and attention to comfort them so they will always feel safe.

In the Philippines, one lady uploaded a picture of one boy whom his mother has just passed away. A picture is worth a thousand words, thus explains the sadness felt by the child when he stared at his late mother’s coffin.

The child later on said something that would make anyone shed a tear.

“Mum, why are you no longer sleeping next to me?”, asked the child.

It was heartbreaking for anyone to witness the situation. The child was also seen to be pulling a chair towards his late mother’s coffin and stood on the chair so that he could stay next to his mother for the last time.

Who in the world is willing to witness this kind of situation? It would bring anyone to tears.
Hopefully this child will always be surrounded with kind-hearted and genuine people.

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