Growing strong! 10 extraordinary trees that refuse to surrender to obstacles 


Trees have existed on earth since 370 million years ago.  Trees can live for many years. They can survive in windy places and on the mountains, or even growing out of rock and concrete.

In fact, there are estimated 3 trillion adult trees covering 30 percent of the planet earth. Trees supply oxygen to humans and other creatures. The role of the tree is very important in maintaining the ecosystem of our world.

The strength of the trees cannot be underestimated. They can penetrate almost everything unimaginably and this photo collection proves it well.

The resilience demonstrated by the trees below is simply amazing to look at:

A tree doing the split in Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

Source: ticktock44

This beautiful tree penetrates rock to grow out of it.

Source: Paul Speight

This tree chooses to live on even though it’s burned to its very last bit.

Source: Tom Fallon

This tree grows on another tree.

Source: Gudjon 262

 For the sunshine! This tree grows beautifully from the third floor of the building.

Source: Willa_Catheter _Work

This tree can still grow normally with an abnormal angle.

Source: the Culk

This small tree is growing on a bigger tree that fall inside the lake.

Source: aviationdrone

This chair is not going to stop me growing!

Source: burghquay

The fence is nothing and I can penetrate it to grow.

Source: Frumpyandstupid

This tree can grow by splitting through the big stone.

Source: dazedwit



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