Diagnosed with Vitiligo at Age Four, Supermodel Overcomes Childhood Bullying and Redefines Beauty


Vitiligo is a skin condition made widely known by Michael Jackson. He took the risk of surgical operations and spent an enormous sum of money to turn his skin color white. But this young lady embraces her skin imperfections, regains her self-confidence, and uses her uniqueness to her advantage and challenges beauty norms.

A supermodel with vitiligo – Chantelle Brown-Young, a.k.a “Winnie Harlow”, age 22. Despite her young age, she is now a world-renowned fashion model.

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Her secret to success is “embrace ourselves and others will follow”. She has proven that our biggest enemy is ourselves. When we can conquer ourselves, there is nothing left to be fear.

©Instagram | winnieharlow

At age four, Chantelle was diagnosed with vitiligo. She had a difficult childhood. Because of her skin flaws, she was often called “zebra, cow, and other disparaging slurs” in school. “Success” did not seem to appear in her dictionary. She was rejected by every modeling agency in Toronto, and no one saw her beauty.

But she never gives up…

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This Canadian supermodel is motivated and outspoken. In 2014, she became one of the finalists in America’s Next Top Model and gained popularity because of her unique skin condition.

Since then, she has melted the hearts of millions of viewers.

©Instagram | winnieharlow

She has modeled for numerous fashion brands.

©Instagram | winnieharlow

Her unique beauty has redefined our conventional perceptions of beauty. She adores her “spots” and uses them to her advantage in reaching her dream.

©Instagram | winnieharlow

Chantelle’s smile is so mesmerizing. Her beauty is unique in the modeling industry.

©Instagram | winnieharlow

If you suffer body imperfections, don’t hide them; but embrace them and love yourself even more. Don’t let them get in the way of reaching your dreams. Be like Chantelle and live your own wonderful life!

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