What animal do you see at first glance? It can reveal the essence of your soul!


We often use animals to symbolize different concepts or behavior. The picture below published by Daily Occupation may help us to better understand our soul and sub-consciousness. The animal that you see at a first glance will reveal about your true soul. Wondering how? Let’s try it out now!

What animal do you see at your first glance?

  1. Eagle
  2. Dove
  3. Dog
  4. Wolf
  5. Praying Mantis
  6. Butterfly


Eagle is a symbol of adventure, courage and also freedom. So if you see eagle at your first glance, it means you are proud and confident in yourself. You are very independent and do not like being controlled by others. You are a natural born leader and can attract followers. You also have a very polite and kind soul.


Dove symbolizes peace. It also reminds us about hope and innocence. If your first glance is a dove, it shows that you have a positive and pure personality and you tend to believe that the world is full of goodness. You can inspire others to be hopeful too and you are not a materialistic person. You have good connection with the spiritual world.


Dog symbolizes loyalty, family and friendship. So if your first glance is a dog, it makes you a selfless person. You will always feel grateful for other people and people around you will always feel secure and safe. People also see you as a reliable person. You enjoy outdoor activities. You have a bright personality and can easily connect with people around you.


Wolf symbolizes loneliness and it means you are very picky in choosing friends. You don’t like socializing so much. You love having your own space and you actually love to be left alone sometime! You are wise, calm but somewhat sensitive and your tender soul needs to be protected.

Praying Mantis

Mantis symbolizes sacredness in many cultures. You prefer learning to socializing. Even if you tend to avoid talking to strangers, you can communicate effectively with people whom you are acquainted with. You are indeed a clever person and can be calculative and manipulative if needed.


Butterfly is a symbol of beauty and pleasure. So if your first glance is a butterfly, this means you are cheerful and optimistic. You like to go with the flow and hate boring life. You will make most of your time to pursue your dreams but you can be easily distracted as well by this beautiful world. In overall, you have a beautiful soul and able to attract others.



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