The power of parental love… most touching photos ever taken


Good Times selected some of the most touching photos found in the Internet that show the power of parental love. Return your love to your parents while you still can because life is a short journey for all of us.

Mother carries a large sack of goods on her back and her baby tightly on her front while on the go in the city. No matter how hard life is, she is determined not to leave him behind.

Street cleaner brings son to work, instead of leaving him home alone.

Old mother takes care of paralyzed son.

Man carries mother on his shoulders as she is watching a street performance.

Armless mother puts on a t-shirt on armless son with her legs.

Man holds sick old mother tightly in his arms.

Sis will take care of you, no matter what happened.

Selfless father buys fast food for kids then satisfies his own hunger by watching them eat.

Man hugs mother affectionately.

Mother and son reluctant to part as he is leaving hometown for work.

A poignant scene when a mother found protecting her child with her body after an earthquake.

Woman in coma after car accident breastfeeds her baby.

Female soldier and mother reunites with daughter after many years of service in Iraq. She hopes there will be no more war in this world.

Mother bends down to walk while son holding an umbrella to shelter them from the rain.

Mother with congenital polio begs money for son’s school fees at a pier. She does it every day, rain or shine. When people throw coins at her, she can only pick them up with her mouth. She never sheds a tear no matter how hard her life is, but when talking about her son in high school, she cries tears of proud. For her, the happiest moments are when her son comes home for school breaks.

Mother carries her child as they are walking through a leveled school after a tornado at 200 miles per hour swept through the area.

This Iraqi girl lost her mother in the war. She uses a crayon to sketch a large portrait of her mother on the floor, and then curls herself up and takes a nap in her mother’s stomach.

Mother left heartbroken at her two-year-old baby’s death after falling into an open well.

Mother does an excellent job in taking care of her baby despite having lost both of her arms to electric shock.

Compiled by Good Times
Text: Hong / Good Times


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