So adorable! This kitten does not touch its food at all, the owner thinks the kitten is sick, but apparently…


Kittens and puppies are among adorable and pampered animals. They love playing around and are said to be able to sleep for hours every day.

A few days ago, a netizen fed his kittens and they ate wholeheartedly, however one kitten did not seem to even touch the food.

This has led to various questions to the owner of the kittens. What exactly happened? The kitten used to eat a lot, however, what made it lose its appetite? Was it sick?

The worried owner took a closer look at his kitten and surprisingly he found out that it was actually sleeping! That kitten must have waited for too long for its food.

The white fur kitten looked exactly like snow with its eyes closed, it was definitely cute! The owner did not want to wake the kitten up and decided to let it sleep.

The kitten looked so comfortable sleeping on a table, it must be dreaming of something wonderful that led the kitten to sleeping soundly!

It looked very sleepy until it slept on a chair while waiting for its food. So adorable!

Text: Wanee Hassan / Good Times


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