20+ photos that prove you don’t know how foods grow


Cashew nuts grow outside this fruit

 Dragon fruits grow on this cactus

Kiwi grow on vines like this

Pineapples grow in the middle of this plant

Peanuts grow underground like potatoes

Asparagus grows straight out of ground like a mini bamboo

Lady’s finger points at the sky and they do look like lady’s finger

Almonds are the seeds of this tree. They grow in woody shells.

Wasabi comes from this plant

Celery grows straight out of the ground

Papayas grow like bananas in a cluster on a tree

Durians fall down automatically mostly at night when nobody under them

Cinnamon is the dried inner bark of this tree

Eggplants grow on low plants

Broccoli that looks like a mini forest is actually the flower of this plant

Dates grow in large, pendulous clumps on dates palm trees

Rice is the edible seeds of this plant

Lychee plants

Walnut is the edible seeds of this fruit

Orange trees are beautiful

Super food Chia Seeds come from these purple flowers


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