From Deer Hunter to Deer Lover – Spanish man shares his story of giving up killing


This man learned how to hunt and kill deer from his father when he was a young boy, but then fate took a turn when he found an injured fawn. Now, he would rather lay down his own life than kill an animal.

Aladino Montes, 53, lives in the beautiful mountains in Asturias, northern Spain, where shooting deer for food was a part of life for him. That is, until 10 years ago, when he came across a starving, injured young fawn, hanging around a group of cows.

Upon investigating what the fawn was up to, he saw it had some serious wounds, which prompted Aladino to lend a hand. He put the fawn in his car and drove back to his house, where he nursed it back to health. Unwilling to leave him afterward, the fawn remained with him ever since.

Aladino named the fawn “Bambi.” Unwilling to return to the mountains, Bambi and Aladino became the best of friends.

“I have always loved animals, but I learned to hunt deer from my father,” Aladino told Zoomin TV. “We would hunt and kill them for food, but since I’ve been with Bambi, I can’t hunt or kill anymore, I will die before I do.”

Aladino runs a small business from his cabin in the mountainous Sierra de Peñamayor region, approximately 1,200 meters above sea level. But people visit for a different reason—forget about the glorious vista; it’s Bambi they want to see!

Occasionally, Bambi will even walk into the lounge in search of her best friend, leaving tourists in awe. Word has since spread of their remarkable friendship, and people come just to take a look and get a snapshot of the man and his deer.

Aladino hasn’t killed any animals since he saved Bambi. Quite the contrary, now there is even a fox who comes around to be hand fed.

Other deer also come near, says Aladino. “The other deer can see she’s safe here with me, and in turn they also trust me.”

“I get really emotional just talking about it,” Aladino said. “They are my animals, they are really special. I don’t know how I could have killed them before, because nowadays they are my life.”

Stories telling of the bond between humans and wild animals are becoming more prevalent, as mankind realizes we are all here for a purpose, and indiscriminate killing for fun goes against the laws of our universe.

Photo Credit: Facebook | Barlespraeres.
Credit: NTD


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