This lady does not understand how ‘Buy 3 Free 1’ promotion works, she then has her own explanation of how the promotion supposed to be that leads to an argument with the staff


Bubble tea is an iced-cold, tea-based favored milk drink that often comes with chewy tapioca balls inside and it is Taiwanese’s favorite drink during the hot summer days. Bubble tea stores can be commonly found in Taiwan. Every premise that sells this beverage will always compete with one another using their own promotional techniques and tactics to attract people’s attentions.

The most popular advertisement and promotion they always use is ‘Buy 1 Free 1’ strategy. However, some customers may take some time to digest the term of this promotion and on how does this promotion actually work.

Apparently, this one lady has quite an amusing mind when what she thinks of how the promotion works may differ from what every normal people would think.

When one premise offers a promotion of ‘Buy 3 Free 1’, everyone would understand that customers will be getting one additional drink for free if he or she buys 3 drinks. However, the lady who decided to buy 6 cup of drinks paid for only 4 cups of them.

But everyone would know that she was supposed to pay for the 6 cups to receive 2 more for free. The worker, who was then in a state of confusion, asked the lady.

“You ordered 6 cups of drinks and you will get additional 2 cups for free. What drinks do you want for the 2 free cups?

The lady then came up with her own explanation that defies the fact behind the promotion.

“This promotion said that if I buy 6 cups, I will get 2 cups for free right? That means I only have to pay for 4 cups and the other 2 are free of charge. Get it?”

Disbelief by her statement, the worker responded, “If you are paying for only the 4 cups, it means that we are NOT in the promotion of ‘Buy 6 Free 2’.”

Shocked and angered, the lady then said, “This promotion is ‘Buy 6 Free 2’. It means that I get to buy 6 cups and 2 out of the 6 cups are free. Is this how you do your business? Then just cancel my order, I am no longer interested.”

The lady then left the worker alone who clearly had a dazed expression on her face. The situation was hilarious yet confusing. During their conversation, one school kid managed to listen to every single word they uttered.

The kid then asked a question to the lady, “If Starbucks made a promotion of ‘Buy 1 Free 1, do I have to pay for the drink I ordered?”

The lady’s reaction and logic was definitely amusing to the fact that she had her own way of thinking. It shows how she interprets this whole promotion thing differently. Well, is it so hard to understand the promotion?

To everyone’s understanding, the promotion ‘Buy 6 Free 2’ means the customers will get additional 2 free drinks if they buy a total of 6 drinks.

In conclusion, customers will get 8 drinks in total with only a payment of 6 drinks. It is so easy yet the lady finds it hard to understand.

This is one of the customers’ attitudes that workers have to face. Some people have their own way of thinking that may be understood by themselves or a certain circle of people.

The theory of ‘Customers are always right’ can never be applied in every situation especially for this kind of scenario. It is indeed hilarious!

Text: Wanee Hassan / Good Times


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