[Video] An empty bottle was found floating on water, when one man lifted it, he found weird thing was attached under the bottle


Incidents involving cruelty towards animals often occur nowadays. Not long ago, one netizen went out fishing as a part of his favorite outdoor activity.

At that time, he found a floating bottle covered with moss on the water and decided to take it out. He placed his rod, plunged into the water and swam towards the floating bottle.

As soon as he approached the peculiar looking bottle, he was shocked knowing there was a turtle stuck underneath the bottle! It turns out that the empty bottle was glued on the poor turtle shell.

The turtle may have not managed to dive into the water for its food and was only able to float following the bottle buoyancy.

Moreover, it seemed that the bottle and the turtle have been covered with moss, thus proving that they have been stuck together for a long time.

Feeling pity towards the small turtle, the guy struggled to remove the bottle attached to the turtle shell, causing the man to spend a huge amount of time with his attempt.
After he succeeded, he released the turtle so that it can move freely into the water.

Although he did not succeed in catching any fish, he was over the moon upon seeing the turtle was finally able to swim freely inside the water.

He then decided to upload the photos of the incident to educate other netizens to always love animals and never harm any of them.


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