Do you have any of these 4 subconscious fears? Take this ‘surreal painting’ test to find out


Fear has no schedule; it manifests itself whenever it wants, and in whatever shape or form. Some people are aware of their fears at an early age, while others develop a fear of something later on. There’s one thing that’s common with all fears though: They all stem from a past experience.

A lot of studies have been conducted in attempts to understand fear and its role in psychology. Some tests have been designed to identify people’s fears and trace their origins. Take, for example, this test, which is believed to reveal any of four common subconscious fears. The kinds of fears revealed here, and which relate to the subconscious mind, are more subtle, and hidden … even to the individual.

Take a look at the painting below. Is there anything that catches your attention in particular?

The painting is the work of surrealist artist Vladimir Kush, called “Butterfly Apple.” Depicted in the painting is a knife, apple, caterpillar, and butterfly. Apparently, whatever it is that catches your attention most may indicate a subconscious fear.

The apple: If what stood out the most in this picture was the apple, then you might have a subconscious fear of losing someone you love. This may come from experience of losing a loved one before, and may suggest you couldn’t imagine the possibility of going through the same thing again.

Credit: ©Getty Images | Pool

The butterfly: Seeing the butterfly first may be indicative of a subconscious fear of being betrayed. It may be because you have been betrayed before, and not just once.

The caterpillar: If the caterpillar was the first thing you noticed, you may have a subconscious fear of ghosts or paranormal activity. This most probably comes from things seen in horror movies or books.

Credit: ©Getty Images | Chris Dale

The knife: If the knife was the first thing you identified in the painting, it may reveal a subconscious fear of being terminally ill, more likely the suffering that comes with it.

Credit: ©Getty Images | Mayte Torres

So, what did you first notice in the painting? And, could you relate to any explanation of a subconscious fear you may have?



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