Man spots ‘thief’ sneaking into truck. When he goes closer and sees this—he hands him the keys


How would you react upon seeing someone trying to steal your car?

For a comedian in Australia, he didn’t shout or scream at the “thief,” but simply handed the keys over.

Jimbo Bazoobi, a comedian who owns a pet goat named Gary, was recently in Noosa when he left his truck unlocked as he dropped into a store.

Gary the goat, not exactly guard dog material, lay beside the truck, and seemed oblivious to the fact that a stranger had just opened the door and sat down in the driver’s seat.

That’s when Bazoobi noticed the guy behind the wheel of his parked truck, and decided to record what was going to happen next.

“I’m just in a shop and I just found some guy trying to steal me car,” he says, as he starts approaching his truck.

As the window was already rolled down, Bazoobi went up to him and asked: “How you going mate, alright?”

“What are you doin’?”

“Do you want to go for a drive?” he asked.

The guy gives a quick “yes.”

“Can you drive?” Bazoobi asks.

“No,” responds the guy.

He learned that the guy’s name is Ryan, and it seemed Ryan was feeling quite delighted sitting in the driver’s seat. He was also no thief, just a curious guy with Down syndrome.

Bazoobi tells Ryan, “If you can work out how to start this car, you can drive it, okay?”

Ryan managed to give a “yeah” while still focusing on how to get the engine started.

“Have you driven a car before?” Bazoobi asked again, only to be met with silence.

He asks again, and Ryan responds by saying “No.”

“Would you like to drive this one?” asks Bazoobi.

“Yeah,” responds Ryan.

After a bit of searching for “the hole,” Ryan managed to find where to insert the key and started the engine.

Bazoobi reassures viewers by saying, “Don’t worry, it’s got a Western Australian immobilizer on it.”

Ryan looked like he was over the moon when he finally turned on the ignition and could hear a bit of noise.

Bazoobi encouraged Ryan by exclaiming: “Man you are cruisin! Well done, Ryan!”

Although he never ended up taking the truck for a spin, he was stoked to get this far! And the look on Ryan’s face was priceless!

Watch Bazoobi’s exchange with Ryan below:



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