Incredible story of son who lost both arms spoon-feeds sick mother using his teeth


Chen Xinyin 48 years old, lost his arms at the age of seven due to electric shock, works in his family farm. At the age of 20 his father died leaving him with his mother. As life gets harder his mother fell sick eventually. Someone suggested to Chen to go begging for a living. His reply was “I still got two feet” and will not beg for a living.

Despite Chen’s disability he has learned how to cook, farm, and weave baskets. Chen even began to take care of his 91-year-old mother full time, even feeding her with a spoon between his teeth. The winters are harsh for Chen as he finds it difficult to put socks on, and he often suffers from frostbite.

Chen Xinyin lost his arms after an electric shock when he was 7At 14 he began to work on the family farm, and at 20, his father died

Chen was forced to learn to do everything with his feet including cooking

A scar was made on his foot after the first time after he used a knife

Chen uses the rest of his body to make up for the absence of the arms

No one was there to help out after his mother became paralyzed

So Chen has to do farming and also takes care of the home

Some of the job he does are truly remarkable

Once, someone suggested that Chen go and beg instead of farming

“I have no arms but I have a pair of good feet. I can’t go make that sort of money,” he replied. A truly remarkable person!

Credit: NTD


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