People are stunned to find out the beautiful fairy in a mobile game advertisement is actually a real person!


Nowadays, youngsters are always attached to their smart phones and mobile games have become more popular.

Recently, a beautiful fairy in a mobile phone advertisement has caught much attentions and people at first thought that the graphic designer has done a great job putting together this beautiful animated fairy.

Amazingly, she is actually a real person and has been labelled by netizens as the “most beautiful fairy in the world”.

Her name is Savanna Blade, a Canadian model who has just turned 18 this year!

Let’s have a preview of her performance in the advertisement:

Without make-up, she is equally stunning and ‘out of this world’.

She often appears in magazines’ front page and TV programs.

She exudes ‘goddess’ liked temperament.

Finally, let’s watch the advertisement acted by her:


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