Pet turtle mysteriously vanished for 30 years was found alive surviving well all this time without food! This is unbelievable!


In Chinese culture,  Tortoises are usually a symbol of longevity. In addition to longevity, they also possess unbelievably strong vitality.

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a household adopted a tortoise and named it Manuela but one day Manuela vanished without a trace.

They were saddened by Manuela’s sudden disappearance and searched high and low, in and out of their house for their beloved pet, Manuela.

30 years later when this family’s father passed away, his children wanted to clean up the storeroom. The storeroom was used to store all of their father’s belongings and as they sorted the goods, suddenly they noticed something between the boxes. It was Manuela! Everyone were so thrilled that Manuela has finally been found. At the same time, they were very surprised and it seemed like they were all got the same question popped up into their head.

“How did Manuela survive 30 years in the storeroom? Without food and water, it seems!”

They consulted a veterinarian about Manuela’s bizarre circumstance on how it managed to survive 30 years without water and food. The vet answered that red legged tortoises are omnivores and they eat a variety of food ranging from vegetables to insects.

They can also go without food for 2 or 3 years and judging by Manuela’s disappearance, it must have eaten wood and white ants as its main diet.

Wow! Tortoises sure have a tough vitality as it can live alone for 30 years in the storeroom That is totally awesome!


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