Woman living in rural Alaska opens door to tiny 24-foot long home. But when you see the inside—whoa


Ana White and her husband Jacob both grew up in Alaska, and when they built their first home together, it was by necessity. Ana started designing and planning a simple structure, and Jacob, quite the handy man, started building the house. Then Ana started cutting the boards as he was on the roof, and more and more she started getting comfortable with the power tools.

Today, the couple design and build houses of many creative sorts, including this jaw-dropping open concept tiny home built on a 200-square-foot trailer.

The living space is ingeniously spacious, because almost all of the furniture is multi-purpose and collapsible, and the storage space neatly tucks away.

Because it’s Alaska, all of the pipes have to be inside the house (so as to not freeze), so they’re stored under the raised kitchen floor.

Storage drawers can be tucked underneath and are easily accessible, so the house doesn’t just look nice—it is fully livable.

And it really does look nice!

For example, the bed can be raised to the ceiling or lowered, just by the press of a button.

The seating area serves three purposes—it’s a comfortable sofa, it’s storage space, and it’s really a three-piece guest bed.


Sturdy shelf covers double as a table top or desk.

And the coffee tables double as chairs.

This place is full of secret sliding storage areas!

And the washing machine area is inside that otherwise-useless corner space of the kitchen.

And guess where the shower is?

The bathroom is small but functional.

…and more closet/storage space slides into it.

Photos Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Ana White

Check out the video tour:

Credit: NTD


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