Which body part you wash first in the shower can reveal the truth about your personality!


Do you know which body part you wash first when you get in the shower can reveal a lot about your personality? It has long been believed that each of our gestures and movements carry deep meaning and they are also a big part of our personality. Knowing this will help you understand and love yourself and others more.

  1. Chest

Those who like to wash their chest first are usually very practical. They know what they want in their life and appreciate honesty. They don’t like to live in a pretentious life.

They usually give full concentration when working on something and don’t like to be distracted with petty things. Usually, they do not go along well with people who do not share their views in life.

  1. Face

People whom like to wash their face first are said to have constant struggle in financial issues. Money is crucial in their life and they will do anything to get it that they don’t care about integrity and dignity.

They feel that it is not wrong to take friends for granted and their life is a one big mess. They are also very narcissist and this leads to other people around them to have a hard time to understand them.

  1. Underarms

People whom prefer to wash their underarms first are reliable, helpful and hard working.

Because of their personality, they are adored and loved by others and are popular for their down-to-earth and helpful attitude. However, they often have a hard time to guess whether people around them have good intentions towards them so they always end up being used.

  1. Hair

People whom wash their hair first are said to be artistic. They love daydreaming but they will strive for their best to achieve their goals.

Money is not a priority in their life and they are very talented as it is their main strength.

  1. Privates

Those whom wash these parts first are said to be reserved and shy. They do not have many friends and often get bullied by others which makes them lack in self-confidence. Others find these people boring and unattractive.

They are also quick at giving up when facing difficulties.

  1. Shoulder

People whom like to wash shoulder first are considered as coward and like to live alone.

They are also easily drawn to alcohol and gambling so money and power are important aspects in their life.

  1. Others

People whom wash other parts of their body are said to be of the average type. However, do not underestimate them as they possess inner strength but others often cannot see this. So, they need to be more adventurous and courageous to try out different things and express themselves more.

Photo credit: boldsky.com


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